Cost Savings on Ink Printers

With rapid advances in technology, printers are becoming less expensive, but the ink is the most expensive part of running cost of printer. Statistics indicate that amount pay for the entire lifecycle for toner is seven to ten times more than the cost of a printer that is why many owners seek way to save on ink cartridges. Ink refill kits may also be bought as means of saving ink cartridges if they provide the right instructions to refill your own ink cartridges. It may even cause a big mess if you install the ink incorrectly.

Here are some few useful tips that we want to share with you; it will save on ink usage for your printer, and therefore, save you money:

1. Set the printer in economy mode. Use economy mode anytime you are printing a draft or document; this will print a less precise copy but will also save on ink. It will allow give you an advantage by printing faster and dry quicker.

2. Print only the pages you need. When using Word or PowerPoint, print only the pages you wanted printed by selecting a print range for your documents. This is important when printing pages from the Internet.

3. Sway the cartridge gently. When your printer warns you that your ink cartridge is running low, it’s not yet really the time to replace it. Just remove the ink cartridge from the printer and sway it softly from side to side. Then, re-insert it back into the printer.

4. Don’t turn off your printer while printing. Never switch off your printer until it completes its cycle. If you turn it off while the cartridge is still moving, the printer’s head will be forced to stop in the precise place where you turned it off.

5. Leave your printer on. If you think you will be using your printer soon, it’s better to leave it on than to repeatedly turn it on and off because your printer uses tiny bits of ink during the initialization phase every time it is turned on.

6. Consider Using Ink Saving Software. There are a number of companies out there that are selling their own brand of ink-saving software. This acts as a buffer between the computer application and the printer. Whenever a printing job is set to order by the computer user, the dialog box pops up before the printing job is queued to the printer. This help prompts the user to determine how much ink will use and measured by a certain amount of ink used.

The key is to reduce the total amount of ink you use. It’s certainly easy to waste ink, but it only requires a little extra effort to conserve it. Keep in mind that saving on printer ink isn’t just about saving money, but we should take into consideration of our environment. We need to preserve our environment by not printing a lot of unnecessary paper and tossing them into garbage; this would create more waste and time to dispose of it.

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