CORPORATE TAX SAVINGS – We have suggested strategies to streamline the process of the work process to reduce companies’ tax liabilities.
Sales Tax Exemption – Save on-going tax saving on manufacturing equipment, utilities, and equipment purchases for your business.
Sales Tax Refund – Your investment on any manufacturing equipment could receive tax credits.
Real Estate Property Tax Reduction – A tax incentive given to business owner to expand your business through new construction and modeling projects.
Personal Property Tax Reduction –There are opportunities to reduce the tax liabilities for your business due to economic and technological changes,

ENERGY INCENTIVES FOR ALL STATES – We will evaluate your existing energy usage for the entire year. Let’s determine the best strategy and cost effective saving for your monthly utility usage. You will obtain yearly cost savings near thousands dollars for medium-sized retail stores or buildings. This full service is no cost to you and we do all the work. Your energy saving potential is based on usage of: indoor / outdoor lighting, refrigeration, cooler controls, HVAC, signage, tinted windows, kitchen equipment, and roofing. Call us to learn about your energy savings.


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