Time Commitments in Creating a Website

Setting up a website does not have to be difficult. But before you decide to take on this endeavor, you have to consider how it will affect you and your time. If you have a small business or just starting out, the time involved in setting up a website is one of the biggest worry that you will encounter. Company owners have a lot of questions in their mind and most of them are associated with time.

How long to build a website – If your business is small, the time involved in the development of your site can range from four to six weeks. But if you have a big business or a complex website, it will take a longer time for the web designers to finish building your site. It may take two or more months depending on the requirements of the business owner.

Process in creating a website – The development of a website is divided into different stages:

Collecting Information – At this stage, the web designer will collect information from you regarding your business and what you want to achieve in your site. He will provide suggestions that will be good for your site.

Design – Your web designer will provide you with samples of different web sites that he thinks matches your requirements. You will be able to visualize how your site will look like and also identify what you want to be included.

Content – The web development team will begin writing articles or content for your website. They will be doing copywriting for the different pages on your site.

Website Marketing – When you have agreed to the information, design and content provided by your web designer, they will start creating your site. You can either maintain their services in providing the new information that you want to include in your site and to also optimize your site through different marketing strategies.

Involvement in the process – In most cases, the business owner will communicate with the web development team at least three to five times and talk about the design, concept and the samples that were already completed in the site. Discussions are not only limited through personal communication. It can be done through phone or by email as well.

Updating the website – You can update your website with news and new content every after three to four months if you are a small business or if you do not have a lot of competition. Adding new information in your website regularly will increase your online presence and will enable you to be seen in search engine results. But if you feel that you will not have time to update your site, then setting up a website will only be a waste of your time and money.

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