The Advantages of External Hard Drives

External USB Hard Drive

If go to a computer shop because you are planning to buy an external hard drive, choosing the brand and the memory that will meet your needs and fit your budget can be a very difficult task. With many choices available, you want to get the best one for you. It is very important to know the reasons why you need to get this device and the advantages that can be obtained from using it.

1. Limited Space – If your laptop is already old and you do not have the budget to buy a new one, getting an external hard drive is the option for you. It is very common that old computers have limited storage capacity and in the course of time you have accumulated a lot of data that are very important that you cannot delete them. These data includes pictures, music and even videos or movies aside from your usual programs. These files can be conveniently saved on your external hard drive so that your computer can have more space. The external hard drives are compact and can be used in any computer. If you can buy hard drives in which the storage capacity ranges from gigabytes to terabytes, you will no longer have a problem with your computer space. As an added convenience, most of the external hard drives do not need to be installed anymore. All you have to do is plug it in your computer and you’re all set to go.

2. Slow Computer – A computer with many files stored in its hard drive will cause it to slow down because it is taking time to retrieve the data that you want. By using an external hard drive, you will have additional free space in your computer allowing your computer to work faster. At the same time, the external hard drive allows you to easily transfer files to another computer or device. Or if you want to use the files in your hard drive, all you have to do is plug it to your computer and open the file or save it again to your PC.

3. Computer Crash – This is one of the major problems that you want to avoid with your computers. If you have important files that are stored in your computer, you should also store it in your external hard drive so that in case your computer crash, you know that your files are safely saved in another device. Your data is secured and you can open them anytime using another computer.

Choosing the External Hard Drive for You
If you only need to store a small amount of data, getting a 200 GB hard drive will be enough for you. But if your files include lots of pictures, movies or videos, you need to buy a 2 TB desktop drive that can store all your important files. There are a lot of brands to choose from that includes Lacie, Simpletech, Western Digital, Verbatim, Edge, Fantom, Toshiba, Seagate, Iomega, Buffalo and HP.

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